Style | Backpack Roundup

Bags are an important part of life for their function, but that doesn't mean you should still be using your LLBean back pack from high school, or some hiking backpack for your everyday use. There's a difference between a backpack and a backpack and the difference is the addition of style. Also, yes you read that last sentence correctly, I was making a point. 

I use a backpack everyday when I leave my place. This is most likely due to the fact that I live in a city without a car so it's just easy to carry a bag with me for whatever, plus it's kind of a security blanket in a weird way. Bags are not just for city dwellers with no wheels of their own, they're for commuters, for all types of working people, for everyday use, or travel - they're for you. 

Here's a round up of some bags that I think are functional and also have a good look.

1. Atlas Supply Co. - The Entrepreneur Astoria -  Their slogan is "for creatives who can't stay put"  so you know it's a good bag made right. It's a tad on the expensive side, but it's a beauty of a bag, made out of some good quality stuff. It's also a smaller, newer company so that makes it worth it too.

2. Herschel - Iona - There's not much to say - it's a Herschel, they'll last you for a long time and good for your everyday needs or for your weekend get away backpack.

3. Vans - Off the Wall - I like the shape and color of this bag, not sure how much it could really hold, but good for basic everyday needs.

4. Atlas Supply Co. - The Entrepreneur Copper - Just like the other one, but with some different pockets. Brown leather - classic.

5. L.L. Bean - Waxed Canvas Continental - L.L. Bean can do very little wrong so you know this will last legit forever. It reminds of a grown up Kevin Mccallister bag from Home Alone 2.  

6. Herschel - Parker - Good for going to school with your computer, or good for your day drinking materials at the park. 

Style | Boots Roundup

I wear boots everyday. I've never been a huge sneaker person, but when I do buy sneakers, they're either wild and crazy, or pretty simple. I love boots because they can be worn as a casual look to a dressier look. I usually go for brown boots as my go to because I usually wear black pants, and I like the contrast. Remember back when it was not okay to wear brown with blue, or whatever. Why was that ever a thing? 

Okay so the last pair of boots I bought was in November, and they're great. However, they're showing some wear and tear (knock on wood they don't actually tear) and I need to buy a new go to pair. So I thought we'd investigate this together. Here's what I found. 


1. Clarks - Broyd Mid: Simple and classic which can be worn from casual to more dressier looks. I really like the the mixed material, coloring of the heel. I would deff buy these in black and of course brown.

2. Clarks - Varick Hill - I really like these, and I'm not always a huge fan of lighter colored soles but these has a really nice laid back feel. Might feel a little to casual though? Hmm. 

3. Frye - High Brett Top - These aren't technically boots since they're high tops but they're pretty cool, and I really like the brown option that's available also. A good shoe for some casual dressy shoe. I wouldn't buy these for myself, but I know a few people that could rock these.

4. Steven Madden - Ford - I like the coloring and the look of these, even though they're probs higher than I would normally wear. I like the rugged look of them, even though you wouldn't do anything rugged in them since they're suede. 

5. Wilcox - Fairfax - I really like these! I would totally wear these with jeans but I don't know how well they'd transition with anything else because they do have a "work boot" quality to them. The company has two different styles, with two different color options. My guess is these would last legit forever. 

6. TImberland - West Haven - I've never been big into Timberland boots, but as I've admitted before, they have some good styles available. These would work for many different occasions, and I like the stitching towards the bottom, and that the heel and sole are not very chunky. These are secretly a top contender.  

7. Doc Martens - Tobias - I like the simple style of Doc Martens, because they have a real casual look to them. I really like that it's so simple and all black, with the hint of they're stitching. 

8. Steve Madden - Krammer - When I first saved this boot for this post I really, really liked them. Like out of all of them this is what I would buy. But now that I'm going through again and looking at them, I'm unsure. I really liked the coloring and wood heel. Now I'm thinking they're a good for work and dressing up a look, and less for everyday out and about. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should go with my gut. Maybe I'm reading into the shiny photo to much.

9. Doc Martens - Mayport Canvas - I'm not a sneaker person, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be writing about boots, but I really like that these are very much inspired by sneakers. They're not high tops, and they're not really a basic boot either by the looks of the sole. Like the contrast of the colors also. 

10. Timberland - Newport - I liked these for the same reason as the blue Doc Martens. Casual quality, but in a boot form. I don't care for the thick white band though.


Alright, now I have to narrow it down to my top three and get some new boots!