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New things I want to hoard

With every new day there seems to be something I didn't know that I wanted to hoard for the rest of my life, until I die, and force my family to go through all of my things. I'm still obsessing with all the same things I have been, these are just additions to that list.


vintage trophies.jpg

Trophies can be so fun! First of all, you look like a winner (which isn't something importnat) but still, you look like a winner. That is of course until you look further and see it's for some guy named Fred from 1974. To that I say, if no one else wants to honor Fred's achievements than I will. I love me a good retro gold trophy with fun base - bowling trophies seem to be the most fun. I also love a good bucket trophy because you can display other things in it, and clearly I am a lover of things.

2. Barber Brushes


I want a collection of standing barber brushes on a wooden shelf in my bathroom. Like three shelves of them. You see, when I decide to hoard something, it's usually because I have a shelf or something that I know these things will look great on, so it' justified to wanting them. I'm sure for my whole life I have been passing up barber brushes because I haven't been paying attention and now that I want them I can't find any or they're disgustingly expensive. It's kind of like you don't realize how many people drive Jeeps until you have a Jeep, which I don't have so if you'd like to buy me one, call me. 

Side note- my Grandpa was a barber, and owned his own shop when my mom was little, and do you think we have any barber brushes lying around? Nooooo. Why is life so hard?

3. Hats


There's something so easy about grouping a collection of hats on a wall and how it anchors the area. Even if it's just two or three, and they're hanging on a coat rack on the wall - for real function or not. They have such a bold color, and add great shape and dimension. I think my desire for hats started recently when I was visiting home, and I was going through some of my other Grandfather's and maybe my Great-Grandfathers hats, and realizing I can't pull any of them off, nor should I most likely, but damn they'd look good on a wall. 

I'm sure tomorrow when I wake up I'll think of something else that I need and I'll have to start hunting for. Anyone out there have any cool collections you've recently started? 

DIY | Headboard Progess

Some time ago I decided I wanted a new headboard in my room, or really just a headboard because is it a new headboard if there isn't an existing headboard? Did that get confusing? Anyways, I decided what I wanted to do for it, and figured I'd let you guys see the progress of it. Since it's been a while, I'd understand if you need a refresh of my original inspiration.

There are a couple of things I knew for sure I wanted and that was, natural wood, and a change in the lighting near my bed.  I had also come to realize I wanted more space to display more things, since I am a hoarder of many things.  Put all of that together, and what do you get? A shelf! 

It seems that we mostly just hang framed pieces above beds, and couches, instead of shelves. Now maybe that's because people are afraid of these shelves falling onto them in the middle of the night and crushing them while they sleep, but that seems only slightly rational. I love that a shelf lets you display your art, but also your beauts that need to be displayed on a shelf. 

To hang a basic shelf with brackets is super simple, and takes like 10 minutes to put up, seriously! It seems people are really afraid to hang things on their walls, and perhaps that's because over the past few years I have seen the high amount of adult humans who do not know the difference between a nail and a screw!! But for real, it's so easy to do. For most basic shelves, a size 8 screw is the perfect size. You'll also want a corresponding anchor. If you're using a size 8 screw and anchor, you'll need to drill a hole that is 3/16", if you're using a larger screw you'll want to check what size hole you'll need to make. Once that's done, you just tap the anchor into the wall, and then with a screwdriver screw in the bracket! And wadaya know the hard part is done!

It's not a great photo, but I love having the extra space to display more things. I dug out a light that had been packed away for a while, and instead of hanging it on the wall like a normal sconce, I flipped it on it's side to hang downward, and I love the light even more than I used to! It's amazing how switching an item around can make you fall in love with it even more. 

It's not finished yet though -  I still have a big decision to make, the actual headboardish piece of it.  Right now I'm leaning towards something macrame like and hang it between the brackets. I also like the idea of a fun tapestry hung there too. If you guys have any cool suggestions, let me know! 

Current Love: Cameras

I love cameras! I always have. I used to love playing with cameras as toys when I was little, and always having my own camera - even though I didn't really care about the photographs. These days, I still love cameras, but because they just look so damn good sitting out on a shelf. Seriously, the camera and plant on the radiator are next to my bed and every morning I wake up and look at how pretty and think how great of day it will be and then I stand up and the horror of life begins.

I'm sure you're like, "oh Curtis, I don't want to spend $45 on a camera", which is just stupid to say but still - older cameras are everywhere! If you're lucky you can grab some at thrift shops or yard sales, or you can find some in amazing condition at markets. Another great option is go to family that might have some old ones lying around a box. Don't just go to them for hand me down furniture - go to them for the good stuff! Cameras don't even have to be "old". A basic film camera from 1999 looks just as good on your shelf as one from the 70s. 

Larger cameras can easily hold their own on a shelf without other objects. It can give a nice clean, modern look even with a 50 year old camera. Lets be real though, everyone is always happier with friends, and a couple of drinks. 

Since cameras are usually very simple with their coloring they contrast against lighter colors, and wood of any stain color very well. 


A couple of the cameras I have displayed came with cases but it's pretty hard to have them looking cute while dressed in their case - but fear not! Most cases can look just as good, especially this brown leather one from the 50s form one of the cameras. It's just another way to add layers to your space (and no one has to know it's empty).

I love the brownie on the white shelf with it's circular flash - it just adds a little more shape to the shelf, all with one item. Double win! 

So the next time you go to Grandma's for your weekly I love you Grandma guilt dinner, why don't you ask for her old cameras she's been hoarding in the basement for years. 

Throwback Thursday | Young and Poor with Style

What's up people? It's Thursday which means life can almost start being fun again, isn't that grand?! Incase you aren't my Mom, or the three other people I know that read this, you might not be aware that I had a blog that I would post projects on before. It was pretty cool, but I decided to change it up and start this.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite projects here. Give them a click, make a list, go to the store, and start changing your place up! It's spring time after all, and change is in the air.

1. Chalkboard Wall for Renters

This is one of my favorite things and it doesn't damage your walls at all! I mean come on - try it!


2. Diamond Dowel Light

Plug-in light pendants are awesome, but make yours unique and make a a cool shade for it.

3. Painted Plant Pots 

It's that time of year to have even more plants than you already do! Jazz 'em up! 


4. Wall Shelves for under $20

I was so in love with these shelves when I did them! I mean yes, they're very simple, but they just aded so much to my space then that sometimes it just takes 30 minutes, and $20 to transform how you feel about your place.

DIY | Headboard Intro

Alright, I currently have no headboard for my bed, and with every picture I see of a bed with a nice headboard I get a little more sad. Since I don't feel like investing lots of dollar bills and I don't want something extravagant (or real heavy incase of moving). What I want is something of wood, easily added to my bed frame (which isn't a "real" bed frame) or something I can just attach to the wall without any big issue. So with all that in mind, these are some of the pics that have caught my eye to help me along.

My main inspiration is coming from natural materials, that don't cost a half months rent aka lumber. So my first go to would be a giant piece of nice plywood - something with a nice grain, and I could put a clear coat on and enjoy.

I also really like this idea from The Merry Thought of using the headboard as a place to put a giant piece of art with the wood as a holding frame for it. However, I'm not sure how realistic this is because it seems like the art there would get ruined pretty easily.

When I first had this idea of doing a headboard using wood was this dowel wood art that Mandi did over at Vintage Revivals. I like the idea of using maybe some basic 1x2 pieces in a vertical and horizontal direction. I could also do different finishes on the wood.

Yes, I'm aware this giant old gym mat is not made of wood, but when I saw this project happening on Instagram I was like damnnn. It's got color, texture, history, and to just simply hanging it looks soo cool. Plus a soft surface might be better than solid?

I liked the soft mat above from House of Hipster, so I started to look into ideas of something similar. I really enjoy the simplicity of the straps to hold the headboard, I don't like that this looks like a giant pillow though.

Clearly, I've got some tough decisions to make. Any suggestions or ideas people? Leave them below! 

Current Love: Metal Boxes

Recently I have come to love all things metal and enamel. I really just want a kitchen full of enamel pots, utensils, plates, everything. Until that happens, I'll collect metal bins, and toolboxes. The "they don't make them like they used too" is true and not just a thing senile old people say. The colors are so different and vibrant, some have a texture within their coloring, the hardware used, the features they have - I love everything about them. The maroon box above has a ruler etched into the top to easily measure small things - so cool, right?! Or am I just a weirdo? - Andy + Andrews apartment tour - Andy + Andrews apartment tour

Smaller boxes are great for storing things while adding some history and pop to your shelves or table. I've seen a lot of people "restore" metal boxes that were in fine condition and it's dumb. If you want something old to look brand new and have no context to its origin then just go to Homegoods, that's what it's there for! Sorry, sometimes refinishing things that really don't need to be refinished make me angry.

You don't always have to keep the boxes closed off and hiding your dirty little secrets. Use them, show off your collection of Tom Sawyer books, maybe you keep your cool ties in them. Remember it's cool to use objects you love, but not cool to use people you love. (I am not a therapist, this is not self help advice. Just good life practice.)  


This file box was tucked away in the tool closet in the garage when I was growing up. One day I decided it needed to be shown off so I took it with me. I do that with a lot of things from home..sorry Mom and Dad (but also I think there's another one that was used for fishing so if you could get that out for me that'd be great..). If anyone sees any cool tool boxes, or file bins, let me know! I need to grow my tiny collection. 

Dresser Clutter No More!

Just like desks, dressers always seem to be the place where everyday items pile up. I'm not sure about all of you out there but I some how always manage to dust every surface in my room before I even think to touch the disaster that is my dresser. Finally, after a life long disgust with never having a handsome looking dresser top, I admitted I had a problem and made change.

You always read those style tips on organizing your things in containers and your space will look neat and solid, but that's a lie! You can still see all the crap (yes crap) that's there collecting dust and just cluttering the beauty that your room wants to be. 


My friend gave me some cool card catalogue drawers and they're the perfect size for the top of my dresser and allow me to hide, I mean organize, the essentials of life.

The drawers are each organized into different categories like vitamins/cough drops, everyday needs, random collection of dental floss, etc.  


Now that all the boring pimple cream, and chewy vitamins I never remember to take are hidden away, I can display more of my favorite things that make me happy. And if you're happy in your room, than any guests you may bring into your room will be happy too..hopefully. 

If you have a whole lot of "stuff" and you want to contain it in a nice way, I would suggest things that visually hide it - nothing with open tops or sides - unless it is something you do need access to frequently, like more than twice a day. Otherwise your brain will go crazy trying to take everything in and will miss out on other goodness that might be around you.