Grandpa's Fav Meatloaf


One of the last times I went home I was going through some recipes from my Mom’s recipe box - but really it’s a whole drawer. The ones from the little worn wooden box are full of folded small slips of paper, index cards, or newspaper clippings. It’s just a box full of memories in food form. I love it.

She pulled one out and it was a cut out from some old magazine and it was a meatloaf recipe, “Grandpa’s favorite!” my Mom said as she looked it over. I checked it out and when I saw cover with bacon and cheese - I knew I had to try it.

I googled for some inspiration because I after reading the way to form it like 10 times I still wasn’t quite sure how to lay the bacon. And also because I wanted to find some cool old picture.


It was not the prettiest thing I’ve ever made - but it as delish! I mean it’s a block of beef with bacon and cheese on top sooo obvi it was tasty! It’s pretty much a cheeseburger but without the bun - not that it makes it any better for you, haha!

I cooked up some classic potato and green beans to have with it, and it was a classic weeknight family dinner…for one.


There was no nice way to document the final product - the cheese soup was a bit clumpy. I think maybe I need to heat the soup up and not use it just at room temp? I’m not sure, but I will for sure try again!

Curtis Robinson