(Non Italian) Grandma's Sauce and Meatballs

Disclaimer: I am not of Italian decent. No one from my family is from Italy. With that said, we still eat Italian food and I think this is tasty.


Growing up my Mom would cook my Grandma’s recipe (my Dad’s Mom) who we called Mugga. I always loved helping make it because to me it was like we really cooking something special and that seemed os layered in steps. In reality all the hard work is done in like 15 minutes and the rest is just letting it cook but still when you’re 10 and it’s a Sunday afternoon it feels like forever.


I’ve made sauce on my own before, but not this version. I finally remembered to snag a pic of the crinkled and sauce stained paper so that I could cook it up. For the meatballs, I did follow these steps except I halved the dried bread crumbs, and replaced the other half with milk soaked bread pieces a-la Matty Matheson. Browned them in the pan, and tossed in the sauce and let them hang for a few hours. Magic, I tell ya - magic!


It was the best sauce and meatball I’ve ever made. I don’t know if it’s because I actually followed the steps instead of just using them as suggestions. I don’t know if it’s because the flavs were so familiar and brought me back to days of cooking it up with my Mom gossiping about people while in the other room you can hear the Sunday NFL music theme or golf claps - all depending on what season it was.