Alex's Room Makeover!

I’m the youngest of three, and in between my sister and myself is my brother, Alex.


Alex has down sydrome and currently lives with my parents in the house we’ve grown up in. Over the years we have shared rooms, and rotated into separate rooms.

Al has had this room since the end of high school, so for 10 years now, and that was the last time things were painted and rearranged. In 10 years people change and grow and your spaces should too! Besides some minor things, nothing had really changed here for a long time. I had wanted to make some updates and show off some of the items he’s collected himself through journeys to flea markets and antique places.


Finally the time came where I could get my hands on the room - not to do anything crazy like a total makeover with paint and wild amounts of new things - but a simple room update for this now 30 something man. The ideas were simply to rearrange some pieces to balance out the visual scale, add some shelves for display, and to mix in modern pieces.


After a quick morning trip to some thrift stores and Target - I went to work on hanging shelves and rearranging!

For an easy couple of changes, I think the room feels so much better! Moving the dresser helped to better balance the room with the other major pieces of furniture. The shelves were put up to display finds from new adventures. I loved the two rugs we found - adding a little pattern while being easy on the eyes and a nice cushion for your feet when you wake up!


I’d say Alex has enjoyed the changes and feels it fits more of his look and feeling of being a cool bachelor.

Sorry for the not so great photos.

Curtis Robinson