Current Love: Metal Boxes

Recently I have come to love all things metal and enamel. I really just want a kitchen full of enamel pots, utensils, plates, everything. Until that happens, I'll collect metal bins, and toolboxes. The "they don't make them like they used too" is true and not just a thing senile old people say. The colors are so different and vibrant, some have a texture within their coloring, the hardware used, the features they have - I love everything about them. The maroon box above has a ruler etched into the top to easily measure small things - so cool, right?! Or am I just a weirdo? - Andy + Andrews apartment tour - Andy + Andrews apartment tour

Smaller boxes are great for storing things while adding some history and pop to your shelves or table. I've seen a lot of people "restore" metal boxes that were in fine condition and it's dumb. If you want something old to look brand new and have no context to its origin then just go to Homegoods, that's what it's there for! Sorry, sometimes refinishing things that really don't need to be refinished make me angry.

You don't always have to keep the boxes closed off and hiding your dirty little secrets. Use them, show off your collection of Tom Sawyer books, maybe you keep your cool ties in them. Remember it's cool to use objects you love, but not cool to use people you love. (I am not a therapist, this is not self help advice. Just good life practice.)  


This file box was tucked away in the tool closet in the garage when I was growing up. One day I decided it needed to be shown off so I took it with me. I do that with a lot of things from home..sorry Mom and Dad (but also I think there's another one that was used for fishing so if you could get that out for me that'd be great..). If anyone sees any cool tool boxes, or file bins, let me know! I need to grow my tiny collection.