How to Flea Market

It' starting to be that time of year again people - FLEA MARKET TIME! Yeah, flea markets are year round, but I'm talking about the big outdoor ones. Markets that you could spend days walking around five times over and still notice new things. Flea markets are amazing and full of literally everything you could dream of, some even have pickles on a stick, so yes, everything!

If you're a beginner to the world of hitting up markets have no fear because THE FLEA MARKET KIT is here! 

**This post is a bit word heavy with not many if that's not your thing, sorry. But there's a chance to win something at the end! 

Herschel Backpack | Vans C&L Era 59 | Local Supply Sunglasses | Pendleton Notebook | Stanley Tape Measure | Swell Water Bottle

Herschel Backpack | Vans C&L Era 59 | Local Supply Sunglasses | Pendleton Notebook | Stanley Tape Measure | Swell Water Bottle

1. A good size backpack / bag: This bag will house other necessities in the kit, but this bag should also carry another bag or two for you to carry your purchases in. Vendors will most likely have bags to give you but you have to think green! And also, it's just easier tossing everything into your own bags.

2. Comfy Shoes: You're going to be walking around quite a bit, so have some shoes you know your feet won't want to fall off in. 

3. Sunglasses/sunscreen: If the market you're going to is outdoors, be prepared for all elements. You could be spending lots of time outside, so make sure you're ready to be able to handle it.

4. Notebook: This is an important one, and often forgotten! If you are looking for something to fit in a certain spot, make sure you measure your space, even your hallways, and potentially your car, to know what you can handle. Remember this isn't a store you can just return to in 83 days to get your money back. It's also handy to write down vendors spots, if you see something you think might work and want to return back. It can get pretty confusing, a la the parking garage episode of Seinfeld (one my favs btw). 

5. Cash:  Yes, cash - and mainly in 20s - no big bills! A lot of vendors are set up to take cards these days because that's the age we live in however you don't want to have that dream chair not be yours because you only have plastic money. Using just cash is also a really great way to stay on budget if you don't want to end up broke after. It's also really great when you might want to try and get something for a little bit cheaper, because you can offer cash, which as we all know is still king. 

6. Tape Measure: As noted before, you might have measurements you need to stick to, so make sure you remember that tape measure! 

7. Water: Remember to stay hydrated with a nice insulated bottle of water, or whatever helps you keep on keeping on.

A little tip on bartering. Part of the big fun about flea markets is that you usually negotiate a price. When buying multiple items from one vendor, sometimes they'll give you a deal without asking, but it's always good to try and say, "I'm taking all these which would be $40, would you take $35?". A good rule of thumb when starting to barter is to start no lower than 15% of the price being asked. 


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