Throwback Thursday | Young and Poor with Style

What's up people? It's Thursday which means life can almost start being fun again, isn't that grand?! Incase you aren't my Mom, or the three other people I know that read this, you might not be aware that I had a blog that I would post projects on before. It was pretty cool, but I decided to change it up and start this.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite projects here. Give them a click, make a list, go to the store, and start changing your place up! It's spring time after all, and change is in the air.

1. Chalkboard Wall for Renters

This is one of my favorite things and it doesn't damage your walls at all! I mean come on - try it!


2. Diamond Dowel Light

Plug-in light pendants are awesome, but make yours unique and make a a cool shade for it.

3. Painted Plant Pots 

It's that time of year to have even more plants than you already do! Jazz 'em up! 


4. Wall Shelves for under $20

I was so in love with these shelves when I did them! I mean yes, they're very simple, but they just aded so much to my space then that sometimes it just takes 30 minutes, and $20 to transform how you feel about your place.