Dresser Clutter No More!

Just like desks, dressers always seem to be the place where everyday items pile up. I'm not sure about all of you out there but I some how always manage to dust every surface in my room before I even think to touch the disaster that is my dresser. Finally, after a life long disgust with never having a handsome looking dresser top, I admitted I had a problem and made change.

You always read those style tips on organizing your things in containers and your space will look neat and solid, but that's a lie! You can still see all the crap (yes crap) that's there collecting dust and just cluttering the beauty that your room wants to be. 


My friend gave me some cool card catalogue drawers and they're the perfect size for the top of my dresser and allow me to hide, I mean organize, the essentials of life.

The drawers are each organized into different categories like vitamins/cough drops, everyday needs, random collection of dental floss, etc.  


Now that all the boring pimple cream, and chewy vitamins I never remember to take are hidden away, I can display more of my favorite things that make me happy. And if you're happy in your room, than any guests you may bring into your room will be happy too..hopefully. 

If you have a whole lot of "stuff" and you want to contain it in a nice way, I would suggest things that visually hide it - nothing with open tops or sides - unless it is something you do need access to frequently, like more than twice a day. Otherwise your brain will go crazy trying to take everything in and will miss out on other goodness that might be around you.