DIY | Headboard Intro

Alright, I currently have no headboard for my bed, and with every picture I see of a bed with a nice headboard I get a little more sad. Since I don't feel like investing lots of dollar bills and I don't want something extravagant (or real heavy incase of moving). What I want is something of wood, easily added to my bed frame (which isn't a "real" bed frame) or something I can just attach to the wall without any big issue. So with all that in mind, these are some of the pics that have caught my eye to help me along.

My main inspiration is coming from natural materials, that don't cost a half months rent aka lumber. So my first go to would be a giant piece of nice plywood - something with a nice grain, and I could put a clear coat on and enjoy.

I also really like this idea from The Merry Thought of using the headboard as a place to put a giant piece of art with the wood as a holding frame for it. However, I'm not sure how realistic this is because it seems like the art there would get ruined pretty easily.

When I first had this idea of doing a headboard using wood was this dowel wood art that Mandi did over at Vintage Revivals. I like the idea of using maybe some basic 1x2 pieces in a vertical and horizontal direction. I could also do different finishes on the wood.

Yes, I'm aware this giant old gym mat is not made of wood, but when I saw this project happening on Instagram I was like damnnn. It's got color, texture, history, and to just simply hanging it looks soo cool. Plus a soft surface might be better than solid?

I liked the soft mat above from House of Hipster, so I started to look into ideas of something similar. I really enjoy the simplicity of the straps to hold the headboard, I don't like that this looks like a giant pillow though.

Clearly, I've got some tough decisions to make. Any suggestions or ideas people? Leave them below!