DIY | Headboard Progess

Some time ago I decided I wanted a new headboard in my room, or really just a headboard because is it a new headboard if there isn't an existing headboard? Did that get confusing? Anyways, I decided what I wanted to do for it, and figured I'd let you guys see the progress of it. Since it's been a while, I'd understand if you need a refresh of my original inspiration.

There are a couple of things I knew for sure I wanted and that was, natural wood, and a change in the lighting near my bed.  I had also come to realize I wanted more space to display more things, since I am a hoarder of many things.  Put all of that together, and what do you get? A shelf! 

It seems that we mostly just hang framed pieces above beds, and couches, instead of shelves. Now maybe that's because people are afraid of these shelves falling onto them in the middle of the night and crushing them while they sleep, but that seems only slightly rational. I love that a shelf lets you display your art, but also your beauts that need to be displayed on a shelf. 

To hang a basic shelf with brackets is super simple, and takes like 10 minutes to put up, seriously! It seems people are really afraid to hang things on their walls, and perhaps that's because over the past few years I have seen the high amount of adult humans who do not know the difference between a nail and a screw!! But for real, it's so easy to do. For most basic shelves, a size 8 screw is the perfect size. You'll also want a corresponding anchor. If you're using a size 8 screw and anchor, you'll need to drill a hole that is 3/16", if you're using a larger screw you'll want to check what size hole you'll need to make. Once that's done, you just tap the anchor into the wall, and then with a screwdriver screw in the bracket! And wadaya know the hard part is done!

It's not a great photo, but I love having the extra space to display more things. I dug out a light that had been packed away for a while, and instead of hanging it on the wall like a normal sconce, I flipped it on it's side to hang downward, and I love the light even more than I used to! It's amazing how switching an item around can make you fall in love with it even more. 

It's not finished yet though -  I still have a big decision to make, the actual headboardish piece of it.  Right now I'm leaning towards something macrame like and hang it between the brackets. I also like the idea of a fun tapestry hung there too. If you guys have any cool suggestions, let me know!