New things I want to hoard

With every new day there seems to be something I didn't know that I wanted to hoard for the rest of my life, until I die, and force my family to go through all of my things. I'm still obsessing with all the same things I have been, these are just additions to that list.


vintage trophies.jpg

Trophies can be so fun! First of all, you look like a winner (which isn't something importnat) but still, you look like a winner. That is of course until you look further and see it's for some guy named Fred from 1974. To that I say, if no one else wants to honor Fred's achievements than I will. I love me a good retro gold trophy with fun base - bowling trophies seem to be the most fun. I also love a good bucket trophy because you can display other things in it, and clearly I am a lover of things.

2. Barber Brushes


I want a collection of standing barber brushes on a wooden shelf in my bathroom. Like three shelves of them. You see, when I decide to hoard something, it's usually because I have a shelf or something that I know these things will look great on, so it' justified to wanting them. I'm sure for my whole life I have been passing up barber brushes because I haven't been paying attention and now that I want them I can't find any or they're disgustingly expensive. It's kind of like you don't realize how many people drive Jeeps until you have a Jeep, which I don't have so if you'd like to buy me one, call me. 

Side note- my Grandpa was a barber, and owned his own shop when my mom was little, and do you think we have any barber brushes lying around? Nooooo. Why is life so hard?

3. Hats


There's something so easy about grouping a collection of hats on a wall and how it anchors the area. Even if it's just two or three, and they're hanging on a coat rack on the wall - for real function or not. They have such a bold color, and add great shape and dimension. I think my desire for hats started recently when I was visiting home, and I was going through some of my other Grandfather's and maybe my Great-Grandfathers hats, and realizing I can't pull any of them off, nor should I most likely, but damn they'd look good on a wall. 

I'm sure tomorrow when I wake up I'll think of something else that I need and I'll have to start hunting for. Anyone out there have any cool collections you've recently started?